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“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

Results matter—otherwise, why advertise?


If you agree, we should talk.

Dario Cavegn

Managing Partner

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Nick Marsh

Managing Partner

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Jenna Freels

Project Manager

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The agency

We started Cavegn & Marsh with a tuning shop in mind. Irrespective of channel, media, and industry, we are convinced both marketing and advertising can be done better—


By applying scientific scrutiny, by clean testing against clean controls, and most of all by acting on reality, rather than going for grandiose plans and visuals.

Real money—not just traffic, clicks, and engagement.


We help you draw a clear line from your targeting and prospect interactions straight to purchases and sales turnover; from branding efforts to sales and support; and back again.

We know it’s possible because we’ve done it before.

Most of our business is in Estonia, Austria, and Switzerland, but we also work with companies in Finland, Latvia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

We currently have customers in seven EU countries, and a regular presence in Tallinn, Vienna, and Zürich. Drop us a line to get a specific offer, or if you have questions or need advice. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Why ‘direct?’

It’s a nod to direct response—an approach that, first and foremost, helps you establish a relationship with your prospects and customers, develop this relationship, and keep working to improve its results.

We successfully apply this approach to advertising and marketing across all channels, including digital, print, email, mail, social, and multimedia.

This means you’ll be working with a team dedicated to learning all there is to know about you, your products and services, your market, and your audiences.

Based on what we learn, we then find the most effective way to advertise—which we determine by looking at real results: sales, not wishful thinking.

The wealth of different aspects of business this involves has turned us into consultants as well, since we’re able to help in matters of strategy, pricing, and planning, among other things.

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